What I’m Stuttering on Lately

I suppose I’ll do a longer year-end roundup, but until then, here’s what I’m stuttering on lately. It’s based mostly on having to search around for new housing and the new job.

“Contract.” I can get through the first syllable just fine, but then that tr- gets me stuck all the time. And it’s something I’m having to say a lot over the phone — the contract for my new job, the contract for my new compound house, working with contractors.

“Villa.” I mentioned this before. They’re not called houses here, but villas. The v just doesn’t come out at all. And then there’s that l- that I’m apparently happy to drag out as well.

In general, cold calling people and asking them about compound availability. For some stupid reason, I kept on making these calls, but I never rehearsed what I was going to say. And so it was like a little train wreck every time as I laid down a bunch of words that may or may not have been in a sensical order.

After coming back from the house-hunting trip, I went to Subway to get my usual sandwich — that I don’t really have to tell them about any more because I go there so often — and I got stuck on the w- in ‘wheat.’ The “whole” came out just fine, but I didn’t expect getting stuck on “wheat” at all. Then I tried to think — do I say whole wheat to them all the time, or do I ask them for “brown” bread? Ugh.


  1. Gary, thanks for your comment! I’ve been a little lax on the posting thanks to a job move and change. But I’m getting back into it now.

  2. Gary Sorkin says:

    Amazing. I thought I was the only one to undress a word while it was still safe and secure in that place in the body where words, syllables, and just plain old sounds go to hide.

    Now I’m an old guy and I’ve stuttered my whole life. I blame it on my Parkinsons.

    I look forward to reading every sentence, word, syllable, and plain old sound that the author has to offer.

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