Terrible at goals

Well, I had fun reading through this again:


That’s right — I set a bunch of goals for 2020, and … didn’t reach many of them.

Let’s see how badly I missed — the fact that I was supposed to do a quarterly check-in not withstanding …

  1. Reduce body fat by 7% – at one point, I think I had this done. I joined an online fitness program, and it really helped me for about 4 months. Then when I got married in October, that was it. I didn’t feel like I could focus on weight loss (because I needed another physical goal) since Covid was preventing me from really seeing that far out. I wanted to get in shape for something like a half marathon or long bike ride, but then didn’t have the ambition to find something this coming summer.
  2. Read 6 fiction and 6 nonfiction books – I read some this year, but not as much as I’d like. I continued to read a lot online (newspapers) and some magazines as well. I continue to buy new and used books, so this goal will just roll over.
  3. 25 blog posts – 22! That’s the worst. And the one I could have just knocked out in six months. Roll this one over again.
  4. 30,000 meters of rowing per month – well, I set this before joining Future in mid-June. But up until that point the workouts were pretty hit and miss. This year will be tough again. I need to find a decent place to work out (the garage is cold during the winter!) and the basement is stuffed with other things.
  5. Run a November 5k in under 30 minutes – they were all cancelled! I think this one was out of my control. Although I could have just done it on the treadmill. What fun would that be, though?
  6. Keep library fines to under $30 annually – I managed to miss this goal before the libraries closed, and then again after they opened up. I’m the worst.
  7. Reduce ten items per month from the house – maybe? I know I haven’t added too many things, but whether or not I tossed 120 items … probably not.

So what about this year? I think I need to keep them simple again. And focus on adding to this blog and any other writing endeavors that I have. Writing doesn’t cost me anything, and I can do it during slow moments during the day. I have a long list of topics about stuttering and not stuttering that I want to get to.

What about you? What non-stuttering goals did you have for this past year, and what got done or didn’t?

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