International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, 2014

From Oct 1 through Oct 22, there is the International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference. Keeping in mind that I’ve been covert for such a long time, I … never knew about this. Which of course is horrible. Particularly because it’s all online! I wouldn’t have had to talk to anybody! I’m not sure if knowing about it would have made me go to an NSA conference sooner, or if reading and commenting online would have made me justify never going at all … I’m happy I went to the NSA Conference, so … I suppose I’m satisfied.

I wanted to write a short post on what I’m seeing so far and what I’m thinking I’ll try to do over the next few days with this.

From the site’s page:

The contributions in this conference reflect professional and consumer interests about stuttering and are presented by many different countries. Each paper also has a threaded discussion at the bottom of the page for your comments and questions. Authors of the papers will respond as they wish. Feel free to post your questions/comments at any time and check back for any response from the author.

Perfect. Reading and commenting. I can get on board with that.

With a little pointing and clicking, I found this as well:

That’s right — all the archives from all the past conferences are right there. Plenty of papers and comments to read! What an awesome resource. The comments of course for those are already closed, but it’ll make for some good reading at least.

My goal I think will be to read as many papers as possible from 2014 over the next three weeks and comment where I can. If there’s something even bigger that I think is worth expanding on, I’ll elaborate here on the blog.

Please do leave a comment if there’s a particular paper or topic that you find really interesting from the conference.

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