What I’m Stuttering on These Days

Ok, so yesterday’s post finally closed out my trip to the NSA Conference, Tour de France chasing, and visit with Tom Weidig experience. Back to regular programming here … whatever that might entail.

Let me go with what I’ve been stuttering on lately since I haven’t done one in a while. Three main things come to mind, mostly news-related.

1. The whole Ray Rice incident that’s going on in the States. Since I’m in Saudi, I’m talking to non-Americans about these things. So I’d like to say the guy’s name, but of course I’m suffering on those two Rs. Then again, since I’m talking to non-Americans, I can also get away with saying “this football player.”

2. Apple announced their new iPhone as well as Apple Watch. The phone, sure, I know who’s interested in probably buying it. But when I’m talking to people, I’m wondering if they’d like to get the watch when it comes out. But boy oh boy is that a tough w word. Just this morning I spent a good 30 seconds (or so it seemed) making three attempts to get it out. Finally worked though. I’m not even sure that calling it the “iWatch” would have helped me any. I’m guess not since it’s a vowel rolling straight into that w.

3. One of the guys who used to work for me is applying for a job with a large multinational firm. I got a reference call from them today. My guy had asked me if it had happened yet (about a month ago) but I said no. Then forgot about it. Well, today when I got the call, I wasn’t really prepared and stuttered and stumbled a good bit. I did most of the talking, though. Nothing I said wasn’t true, but I felt like I was really trotting out a lot of cliches. The caller didn’t even ask anything real specific, just that they’re calling to find out about the candidate’s character. Fortunately I was able to take the call outside and be alone. I did say all the words I wanted to, and I think it was ok. I was thinking at the end of the call that I probably should have told the caller that I stuttered — maybe it seemed like I wasn’t sure or confused with all the stuttering. On the other hand, those kinds of calls are usually short. Just want to make sure there aren’t any red flags.

Lastly, a friend asked me if there were certain letters that I stuttered on more than others. I said yes, of course. I’ll make a list. It’ll have 26 items on it.

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