NSA Conference 2017

The National Stuttering Association’s annual conference is happening again this July, this time in Dallas.


At the moment, I’m planning on going. I’ve gone to three in a row now, and have enjoyed them immensely. You can read about some of my past conference experiences here on the site.

Admittedly I didn’t do the greatest job of writing up this last conference, but the others were slightly better. When I first went to the conference, I didn’t know what I’d get out of it. I got some really solid stuttering friends! And I still talk with them three years on. I always get some new insight to stuttering as well. A totally different angle or approach than what I would have thought up on my own.

The research updates are also interesting. Even if there’s not some huge cure-all breakthrough, it’s fascinating to hear how researchers are learning more and more.

I think my goal this year will definitely be trying to connect with more people who stutter. I know there are others like me — young professionals — married or not, kids or not. It would be great to hear about their backgrounds — college, first jobs, second jobs, interviews, having kids, meeting neighbors, the whole bit.

Will you be going?



  1. Hi Rehan, I’m a 22 year old university student pursuing a career in Psychiatric Nursing. I came across your website when I was browsing for support groups. I appreciate you taking the time to post, as many of your posts are very relatable. My plans for this year are to start a blog to express my experiences with my speech blocks and what treatment options I have tried. In the future, I hope to attend a NSA conference. Thank you for creating this website!

    • Gujrot, I’m so glad you were able to get good information from the blog! And good luck with your psychiatric nursing career. The conferences are so great. Where are you located? In the States? Do you go to a local group?

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