Upcoming site changes

I sat down yesterday and listed out all the changes and additions that I’d like to make to the site. Then realized it’s a lot of work. Then I thought how it should all be perfect — find all the links, all the articles, all the videos — and then put it on the site.

Then I remembered my French.

With stuttering and speaking a foreign language, I was always hesitant. Because I thought it all had to be perfect. Then I could utter the words. So since it’s never going to be perfect, I had a nice excuse for never using my high school French.

Then I found out that no, that’s not the case at all. You don’t have to be perfect to open your mouth. Just put it out there, and don’t be afraid.

So with this site it should be the same. Put up what I can. Don’t be afraid. I can filter and sort it out later. I can build on it more and more. Nobody is going to complain. At least I’m making the effort.


  1. Hi Rehan, Mark Nolan here at http://Nolsie.com. I have nominated you for a WordPress Very Inspiring Blog Award. I admire your courage, positive outlook, and humor. As a fellow stutterer, what you say resonates with me, and I hope this encourages you to continue blogging and fighting the good battle! Regards Mark Nolan

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