Stuttering in France Part 4

Alright, so this is the last installment of stuttering in France, and, well, it doesn’t involve any stuttering. But hey, I need to finish the Tour chasing story, right?

So here’s what happened in Fresnes from yesterday’s post:

As well as this from Pannes:

In the bottom photo — it’s blurry — but Matthew is giving us a thumbs up! We were waving the flag and screamed his name as loud as we could. He ripped past us at more than 60kph I’m guessing — they were coming off a little hill around a curve. So he’s giving us the thumbs up through the turn — quite the professional!

I posted both of those on Friday evening, and @matthewbusche favorited both of them. Success!

We had parked up in Pannes and took the photo above. Then we got back into the car and tried to get to a third spot. Unfortunately, the tour-chasing app wasn’t updating regularly since we had spotty reception out in the French countryside. So while we thought we were ahead of the peloton, we were actually just behind it.

And that was it! In two days we saw the peloton five times. We saw a run-in to the finish as well as the start. All-in-all a good taste of what chasing the tour is like.

After leaving Pannes, we headed toward Luxembourg. I had an appointment with the great Dr. Tom Weidig from Stuttering Brain. He gave me an awesome tour of his city as well as some great advice on stuttering. (So yeah, it was a real stuttering-centric vacation).

I’ll get into what Tom and I talked about next week.

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